Time is running 4+

What time is it? Is this the right time? Do you have time for me? It was a long time ago, or did it just happen?

Can you wait one moment? But how long is one moment? Can you do it faster? In half a moment? I just saved some time. But does that mean that I can use it later?

Now or later? Past and future. Yesterday and tomorrow. The clock is ticking. The world is spinning. The seasons are shifting. Everyone experiences time in their own way. You can feel the time passing. Sometimes fast as a flash, and sometimes very slow. But can you see time? How does it look? Is time a clear line from one point to another? Or is it a circle that spins and comes back to the same place over and over again?

Feel welcome to follow the dancers on a journey in time. Take the chance to visit a very special universe, with a kaleidoscope of different images, movements, and twisted situations. Use your fantasy and allow yourself to create your own imaginary world. And hopefully we can stop time together for a while and just stay in the moment.

Time is Running in the media
“The merit of Time is Running is that all generations among the audience can feel addressed. As an adult, I felt again like a child in a magical world, once again blessed with the open mind that children are so familiar with and is lost on our way to adulthood.” – Emmanuel Naaijkens – Brabant Cultureel

“You’ll fall short of eyes in a performance as silly as it is poetic.” – René van Peer – BN/deStem

Time is running 4+

11.00 HRS
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Lidia Wos
Bert Vogels
Peter Lunow
light design:
Pink Steenvoorden - Einstein Design
Elvedin Šiljdedić
Chiara Aldorisio
Mirella de Almeida Castagna


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