Pay what you like

We do think it is important that every family is able to visit our theater. Therefore, we have a ‘pay what you like’ system. This means you can buy a ticket for the rate of €1, €5 or €10 depending on your budget possibilities. Each ticket gives access for one person.

Our theater can be found at Markendaalseweg 75, Breda.

Sunday October 29, 2023

Flying Cow

11:00h   4+ years

'a pound of feathers doesn't fly without a bird'
  Bert Schierbeek

Sunday February 4, 2024


(première)   10:00 / 13:30h   1+ years

Every touch was the start of an adventure.

Sunday March 31, 2024


11:00h   2+ years

An imaginative duet in an intimate setting.

Sunday May 19, 2024

Down to the wire

11:00h   3+

How closely connected are we?