At least three Stilte performances a day until 2020

From Vienna to Cairo: the calendar is fully booked

Until 2020, more than 275 performances and 500 dance duets have been scheduled. For the first time in 25 years the dance company has to impose a booking stop. Only existing requests and special projects will be considered.

Alice, photography by Hans Gerritsen

From dance duets at intimate festivals such as Wonderfeel (Hilversum, the Netherlands) to a large-scale tour of Alice across the Netherlands and France: until 2020 de Stilte presents at least three performances a day across the globe. An example: on 21 January 2019 the company presents two performances of Alice in The Hague, Ain’t Misbehaving in Roosendaal, 3x3 in Soest and Flying Cow  in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The focus is not solely on performing but also on creating new productions: Alice and Mankind both premiere this fall.

19 apr 2019
11 dec 2017