Most frequently travelling dance company of the Netherlands

In 2014 de Stilte was de most frequently travelling dancecompany of the Netherlands (source: SICA).

New encounters and new experiences broadens a person’s vision. Being abroad addresses one’s creativity and is a source of inspiration. Since 2006, de Stilte has witnessed a tremendous international growth and has become an important ambassador of Dutch youth dance abroad. In 2014 de Stilte performed amongst others in:

Festival Internacional de Teatro para Niños y Jóvenes, Córdoba, Argentina
Tanzmesse, Düsseldorf, Germany
Adults Forbidden Festival, Smolyan, Bulgaria
Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children, Caïro, Egypt
Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, Galway, Ireland
Trešnja Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia
Assitej World Congress, Warschau, Poland
Izmir International Puppet Days, Izmir, Turkey
Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland
Luaga & Losna, Feldkirch, Austria
OPEN LOOK, St. Petersburg, Russia
step.X, National Theater Mannheim, Germany

11 dec 2017
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