de Stilte in China

After a successful tour in Beijing in August 2017, de Stilte now extents its efforts in China by appointing a new foreign agent. Fei Gao will be representing de Stilte in China.

Since 2006, de Stilte has witnessed a tremendous international growth and has become an important ambassador of Dutch youth dance abroad.  The past four years we presented 2500 performances for over 180.000 people. With the performances Flying Cow, Mad Cap and HiHaHutBuilders a.o. travelling all over the world, we have been the most internationally performing dance company of the Netherlands for years. In 2017 de Stilte joined Small Size Network and we presented performances in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Catalonia, Calcutta and Beijing. With the effort of Fei Gao de Stilte aims to return to China soon.  

Fei Gao
Tel: +51 4 2358399

19 apr 2019
11 dec 2017
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