encounter of two dancers

Dance duets on location, performed on a floor measuring 3,5 x 3,5 meters and the audience surrounding the floor on three sides.

Impinging on the spectator’s space, a confrontation between two dancers unfolds. Over the course of ten minutes, dance is being explored. What’s shown can be experienced a second time around during a subsequent workshop.

Tailored for different age groups, de Stilte has a number of duets created by Jack Timmermans, Gertien Bergstra and Femke Somerwil.

About 1-2’s
‘With clearly defined boundaries yet respecting a child’s personal baggage, pupils were given space to truly be present. A real gift to experience for me as a teacher. By letting the children dance themselves, the performance was brought even more to life. A very good combination.’ – Marieke, teacher at primary school de Dromenvanger


There are no performances.

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Lidia Wos
Femke Somerwil
Gertien Bergstra
Jack Timmermans
Elvedin Šiljdedić
Ivar Draaisma
Carlotta Brogi
Catarina Paiva
Mara Arts
Chiara Aldorisio
Wiktoria Czakon
Donna Scholten
Alex Havadi-Nagy
Pilvi Kuronen
Gianmarco Stefanelli
Kaia Vercammen
Mirella de Almeida Castagna
Gleen Orlando Mardenborough


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