Lewis Carroll is a gentleman with dubious intentions. By masquerading in various animal guises, he seeks the favours of three lovely Alice’s.

Ain't misbehaving

Meal times seem to take for ever. The chaos, the mess, the noise. Eat a bit, get down from the table and then the kids have disappeared altogether. Gone!

Flying Cow

Playtime is fun yet serious at the same time. Once you’re totally immersed, anything can happen. Flying on the wings of their imagination, two girls and a boy embark on a standoff. When there are three of you, who plays with whom?


De Stilte treats young and old to an imaginative story in an intimate environment. A tiny universe with dew, sun, wind, rain and snow is brought to life.


1-2s are dance duets performed on a floor measuring 3.5 x 3.5 meters with pupils surrounding it on three sides.


We have already trialled the concept extensively in our International Stiltefestival: 3x3. Then it was performed in heritage locations in Breda, now we’re bringing it to school!

Bosch in bed

In close partnership, saxophone quartet Artvark and dance company de Stilte present a music theatre performance which brings to life the imagination of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch in sound and vision. Gorgeous dance, inspiring music and incredible events guarantee a sparkling theatre experience.