Come and Go 4+

A singer and a dancer meet.

When I come, I hold out my hand to you.
Nice, can I keep it?
No, you can’t. I’ll need it for waving when I leave.

A singer and a dancer meet. They pull all the stops, from top to bottom, from left to right, from hard to gently and vice versa. Slow, tragic and humorous. Loose sketches of encounters in many disguises and circumstances. With Kelly Poukens, soprano.

About Kelly Poukens
Belgian soprano Kelly Poukens is the winner of the Stiftung Blatow prize in the International Anton Rubinstein Competition (Germany, 2018), the silver award in the Manhattan International Music Competition (USA, 2017), she was runner-up in the Honda Competition for Classical Music (2017, Brussels, Belgium), won the Prix Sophie, Laureates Award and Audience Price during the finals and preliminaries of the Princess Christina Competition (2012, The Hague, the Netherlands).

Come and Go 4+

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