Eyecatchers 1+

Every touch was the start of an adventure.

By the choreographers of Wait a Minute

In the beginning, the world was uninhibited. Life was so pristine, that curiosity wasn’t yet troubled by fear or anger.

Like the open mind of the one who was watching the world, that’s how pristine it was. The sound of water, the stream of movement, nature was without words. To discover was a piece of cake. Every touch was the start of an adventure.

Two dancers and a musician return to that beginning with unusual instruments and unusual encounters, which become evident, simply because they are there.

Wait a Minute in the media

“Leon’s and Julia’s response to their first dance performance was downright positive. Especially when afterwards, it turned out they were welcome to join the dancers on the stage to play with the strange attributes for a bit.” – Martijn Schraven – BN/de Stem

Eyecatchers 1+

10.00 HRS
zo 04 feb / 11.30 HRS
Theater de Stilte, Breda    

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Femke Somerwil
Gertien Bergstra
Helene Jank
Femke Somerwil
Gertien Bergstra