Ain't misbehaving 6+

dancing in a living room filled with secrets

All in all, dinner can be a true drag. Such a nuisance, such a mess, such a racket. Finish your plat, stop playing with your food, leaving the table every other minute and then, wait? What? The children have altogether disappeared. Away, vanished! Hiding somewhere in the house...

Good fun and excitement for the kids, but a nightmare for mom and dad. And as they try to track down the children, the two parents find themselves lost. In desperation, they take a leap of faith. The outcome is quite suprising. As can be expected from de Stilte. 

For this occasion, the Dutch company teamed up with internationally acclaimed composers Jeroen van Vliet and Mete Erker to create a dance performance that has parents reconsider, who's misbehaving?

'Ain't Misbehaving is about what children experience during those brief moments when they escape from their parents attention; about the adventure of exploring your own house as well as your imagination. Children get that and any parent who still remembers his childhood will appreciate it too.' - Omroep Brabant

Ain't misbehaving

There are no performances.

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Jack Timmermans
Mete Erker
Jeroen van Vliet
Joost van Wijmen
light design:
Pink Steenvoorden
Chris Havner
Femke Somerwil
Wiktoria Czakon
Orlando Mardenborough


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