something about a shoe

A simple story with a sad start and a happy ending.

Unfortunately, a director was recruited for this performance who does not understand much of the story. In all fairness, it is no easy job either. After all, how can one fulfil all the roles with only two dancers? Father, Cinderella, two step-sisters, step-mother, the fairy, the prince ...?

To ensure that the performance runs smoothly, the director decides to stay on stage and take on the roles of stepmother and fairy herself. She also takes care of all the props. A glass slipper, a chest, some clothes, a broom, a chimney, a carriage and a clock are all familiar items. But what does one do with a pumpkin, mice and rats in a theatre?

The director has a lot to think about. That is possible when the music plays and the dancers dance.

She is emotionally tossed around from sad to cheerful, from angry to insecure; she is confused, hurt and deeply moved. It is not easy to process all these emotions and all the while tell the dancers and musicians what to do. She starts to doubt the outcome and forgets the story ... Who will help her? 

“The work of choreographer Jack Timmermans is often characterized by what is said between the lines: the silence between movements, notes or speech. Dance and live music are eminently suitable for this way of telling a story. It allows a child time to let the abstract story sink in. You put together your own puzzle.” – Francine van der Wiel, NRC

Choreography: Jack Timmermans
Musicians: Pianoduo Mephisto: John Gevaert en Katrijn Simoens
Music: S. Prokofjeff – Cinderella suite (edited for piano four hands  by John Gevaert)
Music Published / Licensed by: © Internationale Music Verlage H. Sikorski / Albersen Verhuur B.V., ’s-Gravenhage

Dancers: Wiktoria Czakon and Christopher Havner.
Actress: Elena Peeters
Costumes: Czakon
Lighting design: Pink Steenvoorden
Props: Bert Vogels, Boy van Poortvliet & Joost Bielars


13.30 HRS
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zo 27 jun / 14.30 HRS
Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen buy tickets  

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Jack Timmermans
Boy van Poortvliet
Bert Vogels
S. Prokofjeff – Cinderella suite (in bewerking voor 4 handen op piano, door John Gevaert)
light design:
Pink Steenvoorden - Einstein Design
Wiktoria Czakon
Christopher Havner
John Gevaert
Katrijn Simoens


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