Into the Wind 7+

“The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

“The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”
– Bob Dylan

An image of leaves. Autumn leaves, bicycles, rain coats, covers and bus shelters. Darkness, spotlights, taillights headlights and cold. Hardly moving forward and still arriving.

In 2024, de Stilte’s successful collaboration with saxophone quartet Artvark (Bosch in Bed, 2016) will be renewed with Into the Wind, inspired by the album Mother of Thousand. Live music by Artvark Saxophone Quartet, four outstanding musicians who, together with four dancers, are blowing against the wind in order to enrich the world.

A strong headwind is all that needs to be overcome. What do we need, when things aren’t going our way?

Bosch in Bed (2016) in the media
“Literally and figuratively, a fabulous performance. The fortunate collaboration of
several art disciplines, effortlessly intertwining, was particularly striking.” – Brabants Dagblad

“Music and dance mix beautifully in a lucid anaesthetic dream” – Theaterkrant

Into the Wind 7+

15.00 HRS
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zo 14 jan / 15.00 HRS
Chassé Theater, Breda buy tickets  
zo 28 jan / 14.30 HRS
Theater De Leest, Waalwijk buy tickets  
zo 10 mrt / 15.00 HRS
Verkadefabriek, 's-Hertogenbosch buy tickets  
ma 01 apr / 15.00 HRS
Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg, Tilburg buy tickets  
zo 26 mei / 13.30 HRS
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam buy tickets  

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Jack Timmermans
Artvark Saxophone Quartet
Aleksandra Pershay
light design:
Pink Steenvoorden - Einstein Design
Hayleigh Smillie
Stavali Portegijs
Evi de Boeck
Philip Vötter
Eduarda Santos
Pilvi Kuronen
Gianmarco Stefanelli


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