Into the Wind 7+

“The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

‘The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.’

– Bob Dylan

The sequel of the successful collaboration of de Stilte and saxophone quartet Artvark in the production ‘Bosch in Bed’ will take place in 2024, with the performance 'Into the Wind'.

Based on the album 'Mother of Thousand' by Artvark, Jack Timmermans created thirteen sketches on the same number of musical pieces. Music and dance come together in an alternating backdrop of glass curtains and chairs. The stage breathes a bygone era and suggests terraces, plazas and similar locations where people gather. Encouraged by the music, the dancers interact with each other.

A fabulous performance. The successful collaboration of several art disciplines effortlessly intertwining, was particularly striking – regional Dutch newspaper Brabants Dagblad about Bosch in Bed (2016)

 Artvark avidly digs into the past, often using rare historical saxophones. It yields wonderfully hallucinating music.  -national Dutch newspaper Trouw about the album Mother of Thousand from Artvark

About Artvark

In a hectic world full of temptations, Artvark goes his own way, unmistakably and driven by an intrinsic sense of urgency in search of new music and new encounters. The quartet meanders through musical traditions, sometimes on the intersection of classical and jazz, while always soulful and with blues, and sways across the stage according to an improvised choreography.

Artvark aspires to connect worlds and cross borders, both in themselves and their music. They tirelessly look for more, keep digging and rooting through the mud, looking for that one truffle.

Into the Wind 7+

13.30 HRS
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Jack Timmermans
Jack Timmermans
Artvark Saxophone Quartet
Aleksandra Pershay
light design:
Pink Steenvoorden - Einstein Design
Hayleigh Smillie
Stavali Portegijs
Evi de Boeck
Philip Vötter
Eduarda Santos
Pilvi Kuronen
Gianmarco Stefanelli


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