de Stilte is a professional dance company in the Southern region of the Netherlands, that focuses entirely on developing productions and performing for children. We perform hundreds of shows every year, for both the public and for schools. Education is an integral part of de Stilte’s activities. Since our foundation in 1994, we have expanded to become the most attended youth theatre producer in the Netherlands (2013).

Saved by your imagination
de Stilte wants to take as many children as possible out of the everyday world into the abstract world of the senses. Encourage children to tell their own story. The boundless story of the imagination. Because we believe that imagination pushes boundaries: by becoming part of the story, by experiencing it and using your imagination, your world becomes larger and more familiar. Based on that philosophy, founder and artistic director Jack Timmermans works with academically trained dancers to produce ambiguous shows for young and old.

Based in Breda, de Stilte has three dance studios, one of which is fully equipped as a theatre. Breda is the home from where we travel nationally and internationally. de Stilte is the most internationally travelled dance company of the Netherlands since 2015.

De Stilte is the initiator of the Brabants International Childrens Festival BRIK (formerly known as the International Stiltefestival), which takes place in the centre of Breda every two years.