We have already trialled the concept extensively in our International Stiltefestival: 3x3. Then it was performed in heritage locations in Breda, now we’re bringing it to school!

The recipe is the same: we challenge talented artists in dance and music to create a performance within a tight framework of 3x3 minutes, on a dance floor of 3x3 meters, featuring one dance and one musician. Like the dance, the music is performed live. At the end, there is a short discussion and the children take part in the workshop to experience for themselves what they have just seen.

In the 2017/2018 season, we see and hear a 3x3 by Elena Sgarbi/Yuri Landman and Orlando Mardenborough/Joël Botma. We present two new versions by among others choreographer Félix Duméril/musician Dyane Donck.

3x3 is a collaboration of de Stilte with Dans Brabant and Greenbag.

I think that different artistic disciplines combined have the power to enhance the qualities of one another.’ – Elena Sgarbi, choreographer 3x3 

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