Flying Cow 4+

'a pound of feathers / doesn't fly / without a bird' - Bert Schierbeek 

Playtime is fun yet serious at the same time. Once you're totally immersed, anything can happen. Flying on the wings of their imagination, two girls and a boy embark on a standoff. When there are three of you, who plays with who? 

From among the rolling eggs, the shuffling old woman and the flying cow, a game of friendship, loneliness and solidarity emerges. 

I saw the show today and I ADORED: best young audience dance show I have ever programmed: good quality of dance, funny, uplifting, rhythmic, inventive: awesome.’ – Theatre Jean Cocteau, Franconville, Marie-France Montant

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Jack Timmermans
Bert Vogels
Timothy van der Holst
Joost van Wijmen
light design:
Pink Steenvoorden
Viviana Fabiano
Tessa Wouters
Gianmarco Stefanelli
Kaia Vercammen
Donna Scholten
Wiktoria Czakon
Mirella de Almeida Castagna
Orlando Mardenborough
Alex Havadi-Nagy


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