Monkey Dreams 6+

Coproduction Dschungel Wien (A), de Stilte (NL) and T42dance (CH)

if you were me, then who would you be?

When is a spontaneous action considered 'crazy'? And when do we call it 'creative'? Everything is supposed to work according to plan. Please, as little fuzz as possible and no unexpected business, thank you. But it's nothing like that in Monkey Dreams: like out of the blue, three characters appear and find themselves in an unfamiliar world. However, that is just the beginning.

All three are inclined to a certain kind of folly and tend to come off as quite unpredictable. Together they invent their own games, their own language and rituals. For instance how to put on one coat all three at the same time, or by appointing a leader without anybody feeling the need to follow.

Monkey Dreams is a trip into the imagination. Diving into different worlds, it tells us how strangers can become friends without the need of a common language. 

This international coproduction was created simultaneously in three different countries with each choreographer picking up the story where the other left off: a dreamlike adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. 

Monkey Dreams is supported by Migros Aare. 




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Félix Duméril
Corinne Eckenstein
Jack Timmermans
Simon Ho
Wiktoria Czakon
light design:
Hannes Röbisch


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